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My Story

Ruby and Hossein, my parents, were the most loving and caring people I have ever known. They enriched many people’s lives, through charitable work and their day-to-day business in Iran, and were determined to leave a lasting positive impact on anyone whose paths crossed theirs. My mission is to continue their legacy. 

Through R&H I am here to enrich my customers’ lives, not only with quality food and beverages, but also with traditional art works that touch their souls. Come and say “Vaght be kheir” (have a good time) and let me treat you to a quality coffee and cakes or the dish of the day.
As a coffee lover, I believe coffees are different, but the coffee sourced for our café is of the very best quality coffee beans, fair traded freshly roasted in micro Roastery located in East London followed with recipe instruction and customised specially for you with our beast and beloved coffee machine .It is claimed by our costumers to be the best coffee in Richmond and we are stand for it .
Our Persian food is made with our finest ingredients and cooked by me with passion! Despite having simple menu, I always come up with surprises and you might be served with something new off the menu based on fresh ingredient received on a day , so no string attached to menu .
The concept of my meal is simple " "no sophistication"  , what you see on the plate would take you straight back to your grandma's kitchen , simple but delicious , spoon full of love .
You heard it right , you might wait a bit longer than usual and it is just because we prepare your meal from scratch , nothing is kept in freezer even reheated.
You can also grab the ingredients of the dishes at R&H for your home if you so wish! From our under counter boxes or upstair's cozy deli shelves. 
We also run private parties , supper clubs and demo kitchen , contact us for detail .
​​Be inspired by our art gallery, which is unique in so many senses and a rare opportunity to see many fine works of Persia, as well. My mother was a royal from the Qajar Dynasty, which ruled Great Persia in 18th century, so it is no surprise that most of our art on display has a Qajar theme. Furthering Ruby & Hossein’s tradition, many other items in my gallery also have charitable causes. Their story appears alongside the art. Visit my café gallery and I am sure we will find many things of mutual interest to chat about. 

Enjoy a unique experience in our homely café gallery!
I look forward to meeting you.

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